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A very wise and extremely experienced friend once told me that politics was a 'seductive mistress'.

'Like trying to give up smoking, you always think you're over it and then you decide to have just one last cigarette,' he said.  

Having never smoked a cigarette in my life I can't relate to the analogy.  I can however understand the description of the subject being seductive.


I thought I wouldn't be so interested in the General Election, now less than six months away.  I thought in fact I would be watching it from afar in Melbourne.  Indeed, my interest over the last few weeks was fleetingly taken by the Victoria State Election held a week last Saturday (Labor won by the way, ousting the Liberal/National coalition after just one term).

Then life changed again, in events recorded elsewhere on this site, and I find myself back in the fray of helping my party, and my friends, with their campaigns for May 7th next year.  


But May 7th DOES matter.  It will matter hugely.  It will decide whether the sound management that has begun to place our economy on safer, more sustainable footing continues.  

It will decide whether we continue to keep our finances in check or whether we return to the mindless, uncontrolled borrowing with no eye to the burden being placed on future generations.

It will decide whether we remain an open, tolerant, vibrant society.  It will decide whether we turn to a party that harks back to a time that's passed.  Whether we elect representatives who turn a blind eye to prejudice, to hatred, to incitements to discriminate and exclude.

It will decide whether we finally have a full, frank and open debate about our role and future in Europe.  Amongst ourselves and also with European countries.


That's why it matters.  That's why I'm starting to write about politics.  That's why I'm going to be involved again next year.