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I've done some pretty cool things, but nothing's as cool as creating our family

Hi, thanks for dropping by,

my name is Nick Adams-King.

 I live in rural Hampshire in the UK with my partner, J, a 'busy and very important' doctor (his words, not mine) and our two adopted children.

I've been extremely lucky to do some very cool things in my life.  I've had a successful business career which included working with many celebrities in the entertainment industry.  I've also been successful in politics and just missed out on a seat in Parliament by 270 votes.

But nothing has been as amazing and fascinating as adopting our children and building our unconventional (and rather dotty) family.

This blog tells that story.


Our Adoption Journey

I've begun to the write the story of our adoption journey in the hope it may help and inspire others.


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My blog fills in the detail behind some of my tweets, re-telling in more detail my family's eventful and rather dotty life.

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Take a look at my photos of the family, our mad life & the beautiful countryside around where we live.


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