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A stand off worthy of a spaghetti western ensues in our downstairs loo: 4:”Daddy wipe my botty” Me:”No you’re a big girl now” 4:”DAAADDYY!”

Generally we've been lucky with the way potty training has gone for our children.

When we adopted our son he was already used to using the loo, both during the day and, to our amazement and delight, during the night.

Our daughter was of course much younger when she joined our family.  Even so, the tranition from nappies to pull ups to using the toilet normally went very well.

With the exception of bottom wiping.

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Return from dog walk to find 3yo locked door Refuses to open as I ’told her not to’ Everyone else in shower 20 mins I’ve been out there!

Teaching your children about security is important.  Right?

There are so many dangers out there.  Some real.  The vast majority perceived.  But still it's important to install caution into our kids.  Just in case.

But then sometimes that caution gets turned back on you.

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3yo puts hosepipe through cat flap into utility room & turns it on…… Evil genius doesn’t cover it. Apoplectic doesn’t cover my reaction..

Sunday morning.  A bank holiday Sunday morning.  That should be a relaxed, calm time shouldn't it?

No church this Sunday as it's half term for the choir.  J on call at the hospital for the morning only.  Everything really should be right with the world. Yes?  

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3yo:”Daddy, I want some of that nice red paint for my nails” Darn! I thought I could hold this one off until she was about 16!

There were a number of things that made us both nervous about adopting a little girl.  How would she relate to an all male household?  How would we help her through the very different journey through puberty she would experience?  How could we ensure she had sufficient and appropriate feminine influences?

This morning I am forced to face one of my greatest fears.  What are we going to do about make up?

The thought of it makes me anxious.  I can feel my heart rate increasing as I consider the implications of the conversation I've just had.

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