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Introducing Grumpydeafgrandad: "Hi Grandad, how are you?" #grumpydeafgrandad: "I'm too hot & the boy hasn't got me a whisky yet!" The Boy (me) happens to be 45. This is going to be a VERY LONG visit.

Table laid, all goes quiet.  This isn't necessarily a good thing, it generally means they are up to something.  For example, I once went out to find Grumpy Deaf Grandad (GDG) instructing our son in how to best to dispatch a rabbit with a spade!

This time, GDG and five year old son are playing 'Titanic'.  Indeed, they are re-enacting the final scene where Jack disappears beneath the waves.  Five year old is Leonardo, GDG is Kate.  At this moment it feels that my life can get no more bizarre!

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