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I've done some pretty cool things, but nothing's as cool as creating our family

I have just stopped 8yo googling 'percussion grenades' on the iPad. #grumpydeafgrandad has a lot to answer for.

On a balmy evening last week our son's primary school held their Summer Fayre.

A more quintessentially English Summer occasion you couldn't wish for.  

Competitions to see how far a wellington boot could be thrown.  

Whether the name of a teddy bear could be correctly guessed.  

Which of the assembled little boys could purchase the largest amount of rubbish from the second hand toy stall, most of the items on offer having been surreptitiously donated by their parents anyway.

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It's hard

It's hard being three.  It's exciting too.  But generally tricky.

So much new to learn.  So much new to experience.  Most of it resulting in one or other of your parents telling you experiencing that new sensation in quite that way is wrong.

Learning all those new words.  Understanding what they all mean.  Understanding too the nuances of language and pronunciation.

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Adventures in Nail Varnish

So, finally giving in, our three year old little girl and I went to the chemists the other day with the sole purpose of purchasing some "pale and unobtrusive" nail varnish.

"What does pale and unbusive mean Daddy?"  Was the answer I received when I told our daughter that, hoping to manage expectations.

"It means that Daddy gets to choose what we buy darling," I replied.  Bottom lip poked out somewhat.  Hers.  Not mine.  

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A week away

A week away from the keyboard.. firstly some Man Flu.  Then visiting friends.  Then... well it being too nice outside to sit inside and write and I couldn't see my laptop screen outside because it was too sunny.

So back tonight, normal service about to resume..

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Fathers' Day

Father's Day.  Or in our case. Fathers' Day.  You would think it would be oh so simple.  The antidote to the awkwardness of Mothering Sunday.  


Awkwardness abounds as the day approaches.

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J went to give 7yo kiss goodbye as he dropped at school this morning 7yo:”Eew. No Dad! No kiss it’s not cool!” Aww. A rubicon is crossed!

In a very little while our son will be eight.  It doesn't seem possible.  

Where did the little boy go?  The one who was smaller then than our three year old daughter is now.  The one who joined our family, it seems incredulous to say it, five!  Yes FIVE. Years ago?

The cheeky little boy has been replaced by an increasingly gangly child.  One who pushes against boundaries.  Can see the currently forbidden fruit of teenager-hood just over the horizon.  Who is desperate to experience the tantalising independence adolescence will bring.

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Fluffy white cat

I wrote a post yesterday on the adoption part of this site describing our attempts to find the things that engage our children without having any clues from their histories of the talents to which they may genetically be inclined.

That has particularly been the case with our son as we have attempted to find the pastimes that engage him most.

Our three year old daughter is too young for us to begin that search yet.  We do however have some clues to her eventual place in life.  Today, for example, provided us with quite a few.

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Of Mice. & Men.

I'm not good with rodents.

So when a mouse ran across my foot as I sat on the sofa last night I moved more quickly than I have done in some considerable time.  

Surveying the sitting room from the safety, I thought, of a kitchen chair, I pointed wildly in the direction of the wood basket where the mouse had taken refuge.

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Friend at door 3yo:“Daddy, do my button?” Me:”OK, come here” *3 arrives naked with dirty bottom & paper* “Oh, wipe your bottom!” #Awkward

If you have read much of this blog you will, by now, have realised that a repudiation of any hint of deafness is something that runs in my family.

My father, who we call Grumpy Deaf Grandad, refuses point blank to admit that he's deaf, despite the fact that we have to shout, very loudly, to get him to hear the question.

I fear I might be going the same way.

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Return from dog walk to find 3yo locked door Refuses to open as I ’told her not to’ Everyone else in shower 20 mins I’ve been out there!

Teaching your children about security is important.  Right?

There are so many dangers out there.  Some real.  The vast majority perceived.  But still it's important to install caution into our kids.  Just in case.

But then sometimes that caution gets turned back on you.

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3yo puts hosepipe through cat flap into utility room & turns it on…… Evil genius doesn’t cover it. Apoplectic doesn’t cover my reaction..

Sunday morning.  A bank holiday Sunday morning.  That should be a relaxed, calm time shouldn't it?

No church this Sunday as it's half term for the choir.  J on call at the hospital for the morning only.  Everything really should be right with the world. Yes?  

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Beetroot is the Devil’s food! It should be cast out! Cast out, I say!

I've written a couple of blogs about UKIP in the last couple of days.

They have attracted an awful lot of attention.  I've been astounded and humbled at the response.

I've also been surprised at the vehement and deeply divided response to one aspect of the main post. 

Yes.  People are really exercised.  Really divided about my confessed hatred for beetroot.

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Dear Nigel Farage (again)

I thought, however, given the storm of criticism surrounding the issue you might have taken note of my, and far more importantly others', comments and perhaps condemn these and other homophobic statements.

Then I saw your interview with Jeremy Paxman on BBC's Newsnight.  In it he asked you about the homophobic comments made by some of your candidates.  Most importantly your candidate in the Newark by-election, Roger Helmer.  


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Good intentions and unintentional interruptions

When I started writing this blog I resolved to write something every day.

The purpose was to see whether I could manage to write anything that people were vaguely interested in.  Write in a style that was legible, readable and even slightly entertaining.  

And to test myself to see whether I can write regularly while retaining those aims. 

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