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I've done some pretty cool things, but nothing's as cool as creating our family


We're blessed to live in a wonderful spot.

Our house is a little odd.  There's not an obvious front and back to it.  The garden surrounds us in equal size on all sides.  Our lane (more a track) runs around two sides, providing a parking area and garage before disappearing through the woods towards the nearby river.  


J and I disagree about the way we 'face'.  What I think of as the 'back' of the house he considers to be the front and vice versa.  

My 'front', (J's 'back') looks towards Dorset.

My 'back' has a wonderful view across fields to a wood and beyond, across the New Forest, to the east.

It's this view that provides us with some of the most stunning sunrises.  

For some reason our elevation, the position of the sun and quite often the cloud cover gathering at this spot come together to create a view that's really quite special.

This confluence tends to happen only at the turn of the year.  From mid December to the end of February we are blessed with truly wonderful views on clear mornings.


I capture them when I can.  From our bedroom windows (ours and our son's).  Caught fleetingly on my iPhone or the iPad.  

Over time I've shared them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  

I thought I'd share some of them with you here.