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All Change

It's been a bit of a cryptic time around here recently.  Life is changing, but in such a way that it wasn't possible to be open about what that change might be.  Not for a while anyway.

That's meant not answering questions in as straightforward a manner as we would like.  It's meant a slow dissemination of information.  It's meant attempting to control the growing excitement and trepidation of the children.


Over the last two weeks things have finally come together.  A long trip for J.  A first absence for him.  The first time our family has been separated.  An absence felt keenly by all of us, but most profoundly by him.  

Followed by an offer.  Difficult conversations.  A decision made.  And then more difficult, sometimes harrowing conversations with those closest to us and for whom we care the most.


You see J has been head hunted for a new job.  A prestigious job.  A challenging one.  A job in Australia.


The arguments against going are many and profound.  Elderly parents.  The stability and familiarity of long standing relationships.  The financial security of long standing employment.  Well established reputations.

For me, the prospect of selection to fight another winnable seat in next year's General Election.

Moving to a state where same sex adoption is not currently recognised.  


The arguments for going are less numerous, but in many ways more attractive. Adventure. Exploration. A challenge.  A challenge we can face together as a family.

Most importantly a future for our children free from their pasts.  A new life.  A new start.


So we are going.  Decision made.  At the end of this year we will move to a new city. A new country. A new life.  

Exciting, scary and sad in equal measure.

And a whole new chapter for this blog.