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July 2014

So, here we are.  Tuesday July 1st, 2014.

The beginning of a big month for our family.

The beginning of a month of challenges.  Of decisions.  Of potential new beginnings.


I'm afraid can't tell you yet what those new challenges are going to be.  Nor can I tell you yet what decisions we may need to come to.  Nor can I reveal the potential new beginnings.  

Some of the information is confidential.  Some of it will be dependent upon a set of circumstances coming together correctly.  Some of it will be dependent upon performance and judgements made.


The paths we as a family face include those that are new.  Those too, that are well trodden.  And some that we once vowed never to consider again.  



Our daughter is a little too young to understand the implications of the decisions we may need to make.  Our son does understand though.  He is engaged in the conversations with us and amazes me with his resilience and positivity.

That's been the case throughout his time with us.  His initial, often vocal and angry negative reaction is quickly surpassed as he begins to focus on the positives.  The resilience of the adopted child?  Or perhaps just strength of character?  In any event it enables him to face the new, the uncertain, the coming adventures with a positivity that is as affirming as it is remarkable.  


Whatever happens this month, I am certain we'll face the changes the month brings with unity and positivity.

I'm a very lucky man to be able to say that.


There again of course, things might not change at all and we'll just bumble along as we always do!