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My Desert Island Tracks

I was tagged in a post yesterday over on Zena's Suitcase, challenging me to come up with the tracks I would take to a desert island.  Choosing 8 is pretty much impossible, not least because my taste and preferences changes so frequently.  

Those who know me well also know how eclectic my musical taste is.  Much of this is therefore going to be stuff you've never heard of, however, here's a stab.

1. Amsterdam - Maggie MacNeal

My love affair with the Eurovision Song Contest started way back in 1974, when I was 8.  Waterloo was the first record I ever bought and I became an ABBA fan that night too.

However, my obsession started in 1980. The first year I recorded the contest from the radio, playing the tape again and again until it broke. Then fixing it and playing it over and over until it broke again.

Anyway, this was my favourite song.  The home entry it looked, after the first five juries to be a run away winner but eventually came in fourth behind Johnny Logan's 'What's another year?'

Oh, & J is a bit Dutch, and we now speak it when we don't want 7yo to understand the conversation (he's too good at spelling to allow us to spell out any longer)

Halfway Round the World - A*Teens

THE most popular song at the nightclub when I owned one (well it was a gay club).

Anyway, this could be sure to fill the dance floor.  As I stood outside on the door I'd also watch people walking by stop and turn around to come in when they heard it playing. 

Cuando to vás - Chenoa

Chenoa comes from Majorca. I love it there. I love this song - reminiscent of lots of brilliant times in Spain with family, friends and most of all J.

She (Notting Hill Soundtrack Version) - Elvis Costello

I think this is much better than the original Charles Aznavour version.

The final verse is, I think, fantastic.  So much so I used it in my speech at our wedding (suitably gender corrected of course)

Wherever you will go - The Calling

From my wedding, to my funeral.  Yes, cheerful thought that.  This, though, is the song I'd like played when I'm gone please.

Hela världen för mig - Sanne Nielsen

Sanne Nielsen and I share the same birthday.  Years apart of course and additionally a completely useless fact.  I struggled choosing a favourite Swedish Schlager - too many to choose from, it could just as easily have been Nanne Grönvall's 'Håll om mig' or Jenny Silver's 'Something in your eyes'

The direct translation of the title is 'The whole world for me' and it's an anthem of hope and positivity, which I guess I will need if ever stranded on a desert island.

Thneedville - The Lorax Singers

The children's absolute favourite.  A song that will forever remind me of the school run, where both of them sing along heartily.

Hark the Herald Angels Sing - Choir of King's College Cambridge

Yes, yes, I know.  It's a Christmas Carol.  Hark the Herald Angels Sing was my Mum's favourite Christmas Carol so it reminds me of her and of so very many happy family Christmases.

Additionally, I was born in Cambridge and my parents often went to King's College Chapel, so it's appropriate that it's this version I would choose.

So there you have it.  A pretty eclectic bunch if I say so myself.