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Here's 7yo's Valentines stash to thrust at latest object of his affection (changes daily) Sadly card's glued together

7yo returned home from Beaver Cubs the other evening carrying a pile of what looked like bit of paper.

"What's all that?" I asked.

"Valentines Presents for <girl X>"

"Oh", I replied looking askance.  To be honest, the pile of paper didn't look too promising as a Valentine's gift for the latest object of his affection.

Bits of coloured tissue paper, scrunched up with a paper tail sporting a very wonky "I lov you" (sic) motif.  A bright red Valentines card with two loving bunnies and also a couple of dinosaurs on the front, which sadly wouldn't open as it had been glued together. Finally a coupled of small packets of Love Hearts.

"We did make our girlfriends a Valentine's biscuit with loads of icing and sprinkles on top too," added 7yo.  "But we all decided they were too nice to give to girls so we ate them ourselves."

The course of true love clearly runs shallow, very shallow, when you are 7!