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Eventual Valentine success for 7yo:”Girl Y hated card so gave to X, she liked it” M:”Kiss you?” 7:”NO WAY! Tried to hold my hand Bleugh!"

When I picked up 7yo from school this afternoon he seemed a little downcast.

”How was it?” I asked, knowing how he had been preparing his Valentines gifts for the current object of his attention.

”Rubbish! Girl Y hated card” Oh dear.  However, I was a little confused: ”I thought you were giving card to Girl X”

7yo:”I changed my mind, I crossed out Girl X's name and wrote in Girl Y's” OK, that didn't sound good!

"How did Girl Y take that?" I asked as gently as possible.  "She wasn't happy, she gave me the card back" replies 7yo.

Ah.  "Well," I say, ”I'm not surprised Girl Y hated the card.  It's obvious that by crossing out Girl X's name that for you Girl Y was your 2nd choice”

7yo is unconvinced:”Nah she’s just picky!”

She's clearly picky unlike 7yo!

"So, what did you do?"  I ask.

"I rubbed out Girl Y's name, rubbed out the crossing out and gave the card to Girl X."  

I'm not sure of his morals, but OK, that was one solution. "What happened?" I ask

"Girl X was really happy."  Ah, that's nice, "get a kiss?" I enquire.

"No way!" says 7yo. "She kept rubbing my back and wanted to hold my hand. It was horrible. Bleugh!"  I'm kind of relieved that the 7yo boy's instinctive dislike of anything girlie and sentimental remains strong in my son.

"Did you get anything back?" 

"Yes," says 7yo.  "Girl X gave me a card too, and I got this cake from Girl Z.  I don't really like Girl Z, but I thought I would bring it home and share it with my family."

I think that's the best Valentine's present either of us could have!