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3yo's 2013 Lego Friends Advent Calendar - as it unfolded

In each of the last three years we have bought our son a Lego Advent Calendar.  As he's Star Wars obsessed that's the theme he has chosen each year.  The premise is that you open a door each day between December 1st and 24th, revealing a small Lego kit to add to your collection.

Naturally enough, we felt that we should also buy a Lego Calendar for our daughter when Advent came around again last year.  Lego Friends seemed the obvious choice, it being the pink version of Lego.  I've subsequently discovered the 'Friends' range has, rightly, attracted much criticism due to its sexist outlook.

I tweeted each day through Advent as we opened the various doors and built the Lego Friends sets contained within.  Without knowing about the criticism, the tweets, I hope, highlighted the ludicrous nature of much of the content.

So here, I give you, the photos and tweets of three year old's Lego Advent Calendar 2013



December 2

Three year old's Lego Advent Calendar appears to have come from their Stepford Range this year.

A snowmobile for our Lego blonde Stepford Wife, how lovely!


December 3

Today's addition from 3yo's Lego Stepford Calendar is a streetlight for scary Lego girl to stand under












December 4

3yo's Advent Calendar today provides a Raven Haired Stepford Wife to accompany the blonde.


December 5


Today's addition from 3yo's Spooky Stepford Wives advent calendar is a market stall for the wives to use during role play








December 6

Today 3yo's Advent Calendar had provided the Spooky Stepford Wives with... We're not sure. Even they look confused.


December 7

3yo's Advent Calendar today provides the Stepford girls with a BBQ, or a sideboard or possibly an altar.


December 8

Disappointingly 3yo's Advent Calendar today doesn't disgorge anything sacrificial for yesterday's altar. Rather a coffee tray for the Stepford Girls.


December 9

So today from 3yo's calendar the Stepford Girls get a baptismal font (to go with altar) & a pouffe... I'm saying nothing.












December 10

Today the Stepford Girls get a variety of instruments of torture from 3yo's calendar (oh & a tiara)


December 11

Lego Advent Calendar Stepford Girls now have a basket to carry loot they obtained using yesterday's torture instruments thanks to today's door.












December 12

Aaah! Today 3yo's calendar gives presents...or possibly big bits of cake.Anyway the Stepford Girls love both


December 13

3yo's Lego Calendar today provides Stepford Girls with a toboggan better to make their get away.


December 14

3yo's calendar gave us this lovely fountain?...Or possibly the Stepford Girls nicked a bit of the Tardis.












December 15

3yo's advent calendar gives the Stepford Girls a bench to lounge on today. Not realistic though- there's no graffiti














Sadly there's only room for 1 Stepford Girl on the bench. Looks like the Raven Haired Beauty gets it.













December 16

Today 3yo's Advent Calendar provides the Stepford Girls with ice skates &, umm, a grave? Perhaps for an ex husband?


December 17

Yay! Today 3yo's Lego Advent Calendar provides the girls with a ghetto blaster dance around Sadly no handbags though












December 18

What do the girls find today in 3yo's Lego Advent Calendar? A snowman! Actually a spooky faceless Dr Who-type snowman













AAAARRGH I was right. It is a faceless 'Dr Who Curse of the Snowmen' snowman. Run girls run!













December 19

Tonight 3yo's Lego Advent Calendar provides the girls with.... the Olympic Flame! Wow.












Having received the Olympic Flame the girls decide to join Billy Jean King in Sochi to confront homophobia Boo to you Mr Putin!














December 20

Finally today 3yo's Lego Advent Calendar gets festive & provides girls with Christmas Tree Merry Christmas everyone!












December 21

Anticipating trouble at the Xmas Party 3yo's Lego Advent Calendar today provides girls with tasers & umm... sheet music?












Given absence of Advent Calendar boys to use tasers on, girls decide to have their own shoot out. Now play nicely ladies please!













December 22

Today 3yo"s Lego Advent Calendar gives us.... we have no clue actually. The girls are mystified.












3yo Advent Calendar girls are thinking it could be additional cover for their taser battles. Not sure that's right?!?













We're shouting "it's behind you" pantomime like. Of course,, silly girls, it's a dray for your unm....Christmas Tree Squirrel???













December 23

Yay! 3yo's Lego Advent Calendar today provides us with a squirrel with a, umm... X box controller stuck to its tail?


Girls don't appear too happy to see 3yo's Advent Calendar squirrel. Much screaming. Where's the blonde one going?


Oh. Now that wasn't very nice was it? Tasering the Advent Calendar squirrel is NOT COOL! 3yo's not going to be happy.













December 24

So. Here we are the final gift behind 3yo's Advent Calendar door. Yes it's... A gift! Or a coffin with a letter on top?












Oh dear The girls don't share nicely and are scrapping over 3yo's Lego Advent Calendar coffin gift.














We hope you've enjoyed 3yo's Stepford Lego Advent Calendar. Merry Christmas everyone from the girls & us all x